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IN-CAM Health Outcomes Database

    The IN-CAM Health Outcomes Database is a database of outcome measures of particular importance to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Integrative Health Care (IHC) effectiveness and efficacy research in order to facilitate and support the assessment of such interventions through high quality research, and thus, to improve clinical practice and inform policy.

A whole person perspective: The outcomes included in this Database are not limited or exclusive to CAM or IHC research; rather they are useful for the study of health interventions framed within a whole person perspective and focused on health and well-being.

Features of the IN-CAM Outcomes Database:

  •     The database includes practical information on outcome measures
  •     Using a Framework of Health Domain, outcome measures are categorizes health domains that make them easily accessible
  •     The database can be a useful tool for researchers and practitioners to assist in framing their approach (research or clinical) within a whole person perspective and/or a wellness orientation.

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