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Past Grant Recipients


Donelda Gowan-Moody & Dr. Anne Leis

Project Title Development of a taxonomy of adverse events in massage therapy: a modified Delphi consensus study
Grant Amount:  $19,479


Gillian White & Dr. Greg Wells

Project Title The effect of massage therapy on inflammatory mediators in skeletal muscle employed at rest and following high-intensity intermittent sprint exercise
Grant Amount: $20, 000



Fuschia Sirois

Project Title: The effects of massage therapy on the anxiety and sleep quality of individuals with fibromyalgia:
A pilot study.
Grant Amounts: $17,850.40

Amanda Baskwill

Project Title: Exploring Utilization and Knowledge of, and Attitudes, Barriers and Supports to Evidence-Informed Massage Therapy
Project Amount: $5,000


  •     David Behm
  •     Lucie Brosseau
  •     Cathy Fournier
  •     Bernadette Nedelec
  •     Jean Paul Collet
  •     Pamela Hammond


Wayne Albert

Project Title: The effects of therapeutic massage on muscle oxygenation in fibromyalgia patients
Grant Amount: $14,690

Ania Kania and Marja Verhoef

Project Title: Hospital-based Massage Therapy -- A Survey of Canadian Hospitals
Grant Amount: $7,900



Donelda Gowan-Moody & Anne Leis

Project Title: Massage Therapists' Research Utilization and Perceptions Towards Research
Grant Amount: $8,929

Kimberley Dawson & Peter Tiidus

Project Title:

Effectiveness of Regular Proactive Massage Therapy for Novice Recreational Runners

Grant Amount: $14,981


Raimond Wong, Trish Dryden, Stephen Sagar, & Mike Noseworthy

Project Title: Influence of Therapeutic Massage on the Physiology and Metabolism of Muscle and the Central Nervous System: Evaluation by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Healthy Subjects and Subjects with Subacute Low Back Pain
Grant Amount: $11,000

Robert Gilbert

Project Title: Use of Massage Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Sleep in Patients Participating in an Inpatient Withdrawal Management (Detox) Program: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study
Grant Amount: $7,000

Patricia Janssen

Project Title: Massage Therapy and Labour Outcomes
Grant Amount: $13,000

Victoria Wiltshire & Michael Tschakovsky

Project Title: Massage and Post Exercise Muscle Lactate Removal
Grant Amount: $9,000



Trish Dryden and John Barrett

Project Title: Women's Experience of Massage Therapy during High Risk Pregnancy: A Qualitative Study
Grant Amount: $20,000